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Indo Buddha is concerned with the revival of Buddhism in Indonesia. The majority of Buddhist traditions in Indonesia today has been influenced by foreign cultures through the centuries (i.e. Thai Theravada Buddhism, Chinese Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, and Japanese Zen Buddhism).

Though the unique variant of Buddhism that once flourished in the Indonesian archipelago in the time of the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Srivijaya (650–1377 CE), Medang / Mataram (732–1006 CE), Singhasari (1222-1292 CE), has left us with some impressive monuments (e.g. Borobudur, Mendut, Pawon), yet the actual living tradition itself barely survived.

Therefore, Indo Buddha aims to revive the original Indonesian Buddhist tradition as practised in the old days. This means that we are focusing on a local form of Buddhism which is esoteric in nature. Hence the tantric teachings of the Sang Hyang Kamahayanikan – an ancient Javanese Buddhist text written about 929-947 CE during the reign of Mpu Sindok (i.e. the last king of the Sanjaya Dynasty who ruled the Kingdom of Mataram) – will be our main focus.

We run a small hermitage named Kasutapan Kasunyatan, where people can discuss topics related to Buddhist doctrine, study esoteric texts, and practice tantric rituals and meditation. There are many ways we would love you to get involved. For instance, by purchasing items from our online store you directly support the projects we are working on.

We appreciate your support through prayer and/or a financial gift. If you wish to offer a donation, you may do so below.

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